Caves Around the World You Should Visit

Caves can be very interesting place to visit. For primitive peoples the caves served for different purposes, but today all over the world, most of the caves turned to be a popular place among tourists. In this article we present some of the caves you should visit.

Cave of the Crystals in Mexico

Cave of the Crystals is one of the greatest natural wonders in the world and is located deep beneath the Mexican desert. This place has some of the largest crystals that have not been seen on Earth, and was found by the miners who were digging a tunnel for more than 12 years ago.

Caves around the world you should visit
Credit: Craig.Stanfill

Skocjan caves in Slovenia

Skocjan caves are the largest cave system in Europe which is rich in beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. This natural wonder is completed by the Reka River, which at the beginning of Skocjan area flows across the surface until later disappears underground and continues its journey through the caves so that it creates an indescribable view. In the 1986 Skocjan caves were entered on the UNESCO list.

Skocjan caves in Slovenia
Credit: MollySVH

Jeita Grotto caves in Lebanon

The Jeita Grotto cave is located in the Valley of Nahr al-Kalb in Jeita, near Beirut. It is composed of two separate but related cliffs of limestone karsts. The Jeita Grotto cave was formed by dissolving of the limestone millions of years ago. Although the debt is about 2,130 meters, due to the dissolution of limestone only 750 meters is available to tourists and exclusively through specially designed routes. The rest of the cave is inaccessible.

Caves you should visit
Credit: Kcakduman

Reed Flute Cave in China

Reed Flute Cave is located in Guilin, China and is the largest and most impressive natural cave in this part of China. It is named after the type of reed that grows in the region, from which are made pipes. The Reed Flute cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions, while during World War II was a refuge for many people. Due to the incredible pillars, stone “curtains” and colors this cave became known as the “Palace of Natural Arts”.

Caves around the world you should visit
Credit: Bernt.Rostad

Postojna Cave, Slovenia

Postojna Cave is the largest and most beautiful cave in Europe. It is the only cave in the world, through which it is possible to move around with train. This cave was discovered in 1818, although there are evidence that it was visited even in the 13th century. The cave’s debt is about 20,570 m, but for tourists is open part of about 5,300 m. In the corridors and halls of this cave can be seen most diverse draperies, stalactites and stalagmites. The most famous stalagmite is the “Diamond”, which illuminates the whole room. In addition to these beauties, in the cave may be seen some figures that resemble the hen with chickens or the leaning tower. Perhaps the most spectacular part of the cave represents the Concert Hall, which is characterized by incredible acoustics and which can accommodate 10,000 visitors.

Caves around the world you should visit
Credit: Amanda.Slater



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